Why is it that the other Escort Agencies can’t keep there fucking hands off our girls. Personally I take it as an insult when I see one of our Escort Girls that we’ve lovingly trained, taken under our wing, photographed, promoted and protected, just walk out and then a few days later I see them sprawled across ‘Rip em Off’. I know that we’re the best budget agency in Town, which inevitable makes us a target for the Premiership League Agencies with their big bucks, but what the girls don’t always realise is that they are NOT always the one’s that benefit from the high price tag.

Yes you the punters mistakenly think that if you pay 250 or 300 quid an hour for a girl you’re going to get a more attentive or more agreeable time of it. Let me tell you that it’s not just about looks, and the personality of the girl goes a long way to determining what you’re experience is going to be like. We interview our girls prior to you getting your hands on them. That gives us the opportunity to have a chat and try to use our skill and judgement to find out what makes them tick.

There’s no role play involved, I don’t pretend to be an irate customer with no command of the English Language who was expecting marriage and they aren’t expected as say, prospective Busty Escorts London, to get their preverbial ‘thrupennies’ out for the boys in the office. (shame). We do however check out if they ARE Busty Escorts or whether they ARE Blonde or Brunette Escorts and of course if they tell us that they are a great GFE Escort in London we don’t just take their word for it. In this way we try to police the girls that come to our door and give you value for money.

The fact is that, if you want Escorts in London you are as likely to find what you’re looking for with 24 Carat Escorts as with any of the others, and we’re offering you a price that can’t be matched anywhere in London. So you see we do understand why girls get tempted away to other Agencies, but at the same time I don’t think that a 300 price tag is always going to get that phone ringing. Our girls are busy, that keeps them happy and in the groove. Sitting staring at a mobile phone waiting for it to ring doesn’t do anyone any good does it and you’re going to pay at least £150 on top for the fact that she’s got to sit there half the day..If you’re happy to do that then surf away my friend.

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