That’s a line from an old comedy sketch show where a guy makes the mistake of walking into a Hi Fi shop and asking for a ‘gramophone’. only to be humiliated by the staff for not understanding the technology..culminating in him agreeing to anything the guys suggest including a paper bag on his head.

I feel a little like that today as the technology seems to gather pace and be constantly changing. No one seems to be able to keep up even with the latest phone’s..as soon as you walk out the shop..it’s seems there a newer, better product coming in the back door The secret is hang in there, because I think 1 thing with the new tech is that’s its also getting easier to use. That should of course be the case anyway…that’s the definition of progress, but Companies understand that we are an ageing population and if they.re going to keep us on board, they’ll have to make it all as simple as possible.

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