It’s nearly here guys..I’m so fucking excited. I’ve actually heard the wife say infront of witnesses.. ‘I don’t like football normally…accept the World Cup..I always like to watch the World Cup’…yeessssss..I’m not quite sure if she remembers just HOW much football that entails. Basically in UK time zone 3 games spread out over most of the day…no loose women…no ready steady cook…no eastenders…RESULT. Strangely England don’t bother me..maybe it’s my age because there have just been so many disappointments I have resigned myself to their uninspired, two touch (like one touch but not so skilful) lacklustre plodding football.

No its all the other teams I’m looking forward to seeing…maybe not so much the Brazilians now I’m sad to say because the days that they played football from another planet have gone…to may of them play there football in Europe now.  You younger guys, do yourself a favour and if you’ve never watched the highlights of Mexico 1970 get a copy of it and luxuriate in a time when the Brazilians had the greatest team in the history of the game and played like it was a kick about on Copacabana Beach

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