If I asked you to close your eyes and imagine your absolute DREAM London Escort – what does she look like? She might be tall, slim, blonde, and gorgeous with perfect proportions and a stunning smile, but what is she wearing? Okay so I’m sure most of you will argue that a birthday suit is the most beautiful outfit a woman can wear, but just humour me on this one – what do you picture your dream girl wearing? Oh and underwear doesn’t count as an outfit either. The reason I’m asking is that I genuinely cannot choose between two of my favourite ‘looks’ on a woman. On the one hand, there’s the summer look. Tight white vest top, short denim skirt, flip flops and no makeup. It’s not everyone’s favourite get-up but it’s definitely one of mine. Plenty of tanned skin on show just does it for me! But on the other hand, there’s the winter look. All wrapped up in a tight white coat with fur round the hood and leather thigh-high boots over tight jeans – this look is completely different with virtually no flesh on show at all – but it’s undeniably cute and unbelievably sexy.

Our London Escorts are in my opinion, the most fashion-conscious Escorts in London! A high proportion of the Escorts London has to offer take an interest in fashion but our girls are clothes-shopping mad! When I asked them whether they preferred dressing for warm weather or cold, I was surprised. Being the gorgeous, Busty Escorts in London that they are, I imagined that like most women they would enjoy the summer months and flashing their best assets as much as possible in bikinis and strappy tops! Apparently that’s not necessarily the case. As I was told by a certain Blonde Escort of London , it’s much more exciting to be all wrapped up and covered, with the most intricate and intimate clothing of all hidden away from prying eyes until the very last moment! Intriguing, I said!

Apparently, wrapping up warm is a delight for women. They get to choose layer upon layer of soft, luxurious clothing and everything is super-tight. Tight jeans, tight jumpers, tight-fitted tailored coats – I have to admit it is super-sexy. Just the thought of knowing what’s underneath is a pretty big thrill, isn’t it! And whilst flip-flops are great in summer, especially if you have a bare-feet fetish (believe me, some do!) you just can’t deny the attraction of a stiletto-heeled court-shoe. Believe me, I speak from experience – of appreciating, not wearing myself! There’s something about spiky-heeled power shoes peeping out from under a big winter coat – it’s a cheeky hint of what can happen in the warmth of the bedroom!

Our London Escorts are constantly changing clothes and always manage to look super-stunning. In fact I’d go as far as saying the colder it is outside, the hotter they look! That’s in my opinion – why not judge for yourself and give us a call; ask which of our lovely ladies is available and I’m sure she’ll be happy to discuss the many layers of her winter outfit!

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