We all know how easy it is. Take a vulnerable guy..maybe having just come through a separation or messy divorce. You’re feeling a little unloved and a little lost as to which direction to turn. You’ve probably not been on the dating scene in a while and in the intervening period the predatory female has emerged. That’s the woman who insists on doing a credit check on you before the first date and wants to see the original of your ‘O’ Level woodwork certificate just to be on the safe side. I blame sex in the city and the spice girls myself.

Anyway its no wonder that you want a bit of practice before you go three rounds with the date from hell. There you see that is where 24carat can come in an help the process along. We have lots of London Escort girls who are only to pleased for you to practice your best moves on them. You don’t need to worry, you’ve paid our Busty Escorts for their time, so they’re not going to jump up and run off. They can give you lots of feedback as to how you’re doing and even boost your ego a little and give you back some of that confidence that seeped away over the years.

Now we come to the moral of the story. Please keep your feet firmly anchored to the ground and don’t misread the signals. All our Escort Girls in London are understanding souls. They don’t want to see you struggling and they will do there best to give you a good time and help to boost you up. But understand they are not the answer to your long term problems. Basically what I’m saying is do not fall in love with them. Keep the arrangement as strictly business. Have fun yes, but make sure that you keep your heart well protected.London Escort Girls are no different to any others, they’re complex creatures and some are more genuine than others. Unfortunately if you start lavishing gifts on them, wanting to see them more and more often, them they will take advantage and you will be chewed up and eventually spat out the other end.  That is the general rule and my experience. I’m not saying that we havn’t had the odd romance Escorts and clients, but it’s the exception rather than the rule.

No you practice with our girls, keep our number handy for those dark nights when you need a little TLC but ultimately you will have to put yourself on the line and enter the dating world again at some point in time. Good Luck with that

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