There are so many Escort Agencies to choose from it’s hard to explain to you why you should choose 24Carat escort agency over any other Agency. It’s a tough choice and I guess the way it must generally work is trial and error…if you get ripped off then the make a mental note not to use that Agency again.

Well I’m hoping that once you happen upon 24carat escort agency you will stay with us and won’t feel the need to use another Agency. It won’t be for the want of trying because we spend a lot of time wringing our hands and having meetings to try to figure out how we can improve the service to you. We’re in the process of installing a computer based booking system which will hopefully eliminate the human error that occasionally befalls us…I promise you it’s not because we don’t care that we screw up.

Anyway what would be great is if you could leave me some feed back  or suggestions of what we could do to improve, or what we are doing right…use this blog format, that will be fine.

Thanks for taking the time

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