Who is your Escort? Now don’t say well it’s Dana isn’t it!!. Your London Escort Girl is a mystery lady but what is the truth behind the background of the Escorts London seems to spawn in such incredible numbers. Well the truth is that they are literally any girl you could or have met in your everyday life.  They are the girl you lives next door to your Mum, the girl you see on the Station every morning, the girl who makes your skinny mocha latte in Starbucks.

That is the thing about Escort Girls, they are all around us and us guys don’t realise it. That’s because of the way that the Media like to portray our Industry and the girls that work in it. They want to convey the idea that London Escorts are drug addicts or uneducated or worse still illegally here and being exploited by unscrupulous people traffickers. The fact is that as uncomfortable as it may be to the establishment,t it could just as easily be your daughter who is maybe supplementing her measly college loan with a little bit of escorting on the side. Take a look at the girl in Starbucks a little closer…maybe you’ve seen her somewhere else but can’t place the face? Well we do have girls who again hold down the day job grafting in a coffee shop then use Escorting as a means of providing the luxuries of life. They don’t want to do it full time, so they dip their toes in and just have a little paddle. London Escorts are here from all over the World, from Latina Escorts to Ebony Escorts from Africa and the Carribean to East European Escorts from Lativa and Slovenia and Slovakia.

What that generally means is that they are here for the purpose of supporting their family back home and are not supporting some unfortunate habit. They are here to enjoy London and at the same time provide for their loved one’s at home. So please establishment can you stop pouring scorn on responsible beautiful young London Escort Girls you are trying to keep their families fed and stop portraying them as somehow a race apart from the girls you date, ogle, chat up, buy your coffee from or even are related to…Escort Girls have mums and dads and friends and family who are extremely proud of them.

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