It is never nice having to see a mate upset at the prospect of having broken up with their other half. It can be quite difficult to know how to deal with it especially when it is a guy mate. With females they tend to nurse each other back with constant talking and contact that will eventually make them feel OK no matter how bad the situation may be. With guys it is not always easy to know what to do, do you speak to them about it and risk it annoying or upsetting them as they are trying to block it out or do you just try and ignore it and pretend there is no problem at all and risk your mate thinking that you don’t really care or that you have forgotten what he is going through, either way it is a difficult decision to make. Perhaps the best thing that you could do is to hire them a London escort and let her do all the work for you.

People often say that as a good mate you should be there for your fiend  and that it may seem a bit careless just palming them off on a London escort if they are in need but playing the role of caring friend is not always as easy as people may think. How do you know what to say or what to do with your mate? There is always the obvious temptation to go and get them off of their face on alcohol to forget their problems but that isn’t always the most sensible thing as it could potentially make things worse and lead to awkward phone calls.

You could of course try and set them up with another single girl that you may know but this could also end up leading to a bit of a disaster as your mate may not be ready for that kind of thing yet and it could all end terribly. There is always the option of trying to get them back together so that the problem doesn’t exist anymore but this could create all new problems and it would be all your fault for convincing them to get back together.

“So what on earth do I do?” I hear you ask. Well I will tell you exactly what you should do, if you want to be a good mate then hire him a London escort. There is nothing like spending some time with a sexy escort in London to take your mind off of an ex-girlfriend. It is also good to be around someone that is fun and up for a laugh when you are in these situations and the escorts in London are just that, not to mention it passes the responsibility on to someone else, everyone wins!

The girls are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so give them a call anytime day or night and they will do their best to help both you and your mate.

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