Although we will scarcely admit it, guys do like to be pampered every now and then. I know it is seen as a largely female dominated market, facials, massages and SPA treatments are generally seen as a bit to effeminate for men. But deep down a lot of us would actually quite like a bit of pampering, what’ wrong with a nice relaxing massage or dip in a mud bath? I am saying this because I myself recently went to a SPA, granted it was only because it was offered to be as a freebie from a family friend, but nevertheless I went and I actually really enjoyed it. My first reaction when I was offered the chance to go was that I didn’t want to look like a weirdo, I mean how many guys do you see wondering around a SPA retreat on their own? But what made the whole experience a lot easier for me, not to mention a lot more pleasant, was the chance to bring a female with me. I was actually given two passes so obviously rather than invite one of my mates (which would seem a bit weird) I thought I would invite a lady friend. With her by my side I didn’t feel too out of place as to everyone else we just looked like a couple that had gone away for a SPA retreat. So if the thought of it appeals to you but you just don’t want to go alone then give one of our London escorts a call, I am pretty certain they would have no objection to going with you.

The best thing about going with a female (besides the obvious)  is that it allows you to walk around the place with the idea in your head that  everyone that sees you will assume that she has dragged you along with her or that perhaps you purchased the trip for the two of you as a gift to her. This will help you to keep your masculinity as you will not feel as thought everyone around knows that you were really the one that wanted a head massage and facial. Going with one of our escorts in London will give of this illusion as only you and her will be in the knowledge that you have hired her to go with you.

In saying that, spending a day/night at a SPA with a busty escort from London may actually take your mind off of the fact that you feel a touch embarrassed to have wanted to go to a SPA for some treatments. And this is not only because they are so great to look at but also because they are often really good fun to be around, so whilst your relaxing you can be happy in the knowledge that you are with someone that you can have a good laugh with as well, so don’t be afraid guys, take one of our London escorts with you to a SPA, you don’t need to feel ashamed, we’d all like to really.

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