I ended up having quite an extended argument with a friend the other night about our musical tastes. Basically he was trying to convince me to like modern R&B music, while I was getting annoyed at him for seeming being incapable of understanding why I dislike the horrible ‘music’ – i.e. I find it incredibly bland, trashy, soulless, tuneless, samey and generally very boring. He wasn’t really able to explain what it was he liked about it, although he mentioned something about ‘catchy’ which seems an impossible concept when combined with R&B as it all just drones on in the same couple of notes.

Conversely, I was trying to get him to understand that rock music is so much more preferable because it has a kind of raw grit and power about it, as well as some damn fine tunes. It was a pointless, frustrating argument of course, because neither of us is suddenly going to alter our musical tastes based on the others’ opinions. Musical preference is just one of those strange, unfathomable things that seems to have no rational explanation behind it – it’s entirely subjective and most people can’t really explain why they lean towards some types of music and not others. Similarly, what kinds of foods you like are very personal to you. I love marzipan, but lots of people hate it, for reasons I just can’t understand. It seems incredible to me that people who are basically built the same as myself can have such a different experience of that food. I find it all quite annoying, really, the fact that other people are so wrong about so many things! Their brains must be mis-wired!

Fortunately there are some things that a lot of people are able to agree on, which helps validate my perception of myself as a member of the human race. For example, large numbers of people agree with me that football is a great sport – it’s a relief they can get some things right! Equally, most men tend to find certain characteristics in women attractive – large breasts, large eyes, blonde hair, youth, clear skin, symmetrical features, slender figure. Of course, while there are many men that are attracted to variations of these characteristics, for example dark hair, small breasts, a more voluptuous figure – the favoured features never vary that much, at least fundamentally, and most men are capable of finding all of the above attractive, depending on the woman who sports them.

In this sense, London escort agencies cater to the masses – while the girls are highly varied, they all fall into a framework of what most men would consider attractive. For example there are many busty escorts in London, and blonde escorts in London, not to mention brunette and black escorts. Some are petite and some are tall, some have short hair and some long, but all are unified by the underlining characteristic of being extremely good-looking.

I think I’ll stick to chatting to my friend about the beauty of London escorts – it’s something we can agree on!

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