What defines your perfect London Escort, how would you describe her? I really would love to get some feedback from you guys as to the answer. The trouble is I guess I already know…it depends. I can only speak for myself and what I really like is as close to a GFE as I can get. I look for a London Escort girl who is genuine, who isn’t going through the motions but gives me a real connection, so that when the date is over I feel like I’ve connected with someone in a real way. I think over the years I’ve developed a nose for the faker and so having eliminated those from the mix that leaves just the Escort Girls who have something to give.

That is my perspective and it’s hard for me I guess to approach it from someone else’s point of view but I’m sure a lot of guys out there are under different circumstances. Maybe you are loved up at home with wife or girlfriend and yet she’s not able to fulfil your true desires. In that way your avail yourself of our Escort Services to get that ‘itch scratched’ with the minimum of fuss at home. That way you don’t have to burden your loved one’s. In that case you’re not interested in connecting with our Escort in London just getting your needs met.

Maybe you have an unusual fetish…oh please tell me I’m fascinated…maybe it’s food where you like to get messy with a girl or rubber….possibly the thought of putting the Mother of your children in a gimp mask doesn’t appeal…especially when the little one’s have a habit of bursting into the bedroom unannounced…that could take therapy to put right. Maybe you’re a Catholic Priest? No you have no need do you, you have a ready supply of little boys and girls to molest why pay for it (scumbags!!).

The bottom line I guess is that it depends on your circumstances and this is where you need to take a little time to choose your perfect London Escort. If you read the reviews that should give you a little bit of help in deciding what type of date is on offer. If you read the descriptions, I try to give you a little gentle push in the direction of the right girl and then there are our reception girls who know a thing or two about whose working and what they are like. Use all the resources at your disposal and you stand the best chance possible of getting exactly what you are looking for and please, if you use our London Escort Services, please take a few minutes to leave a review so that you can help the next guy to make his decision.

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