It can seem expensive this Escorting. You might well think that a trip to your local massage parlour might be preferable to booking on of our London Escorts. If you do think that then either you’re new to all this and don’t know better, or you have the Lidl’s syndrome.

The Lidl’s syndrome is not a good place to be. It’s a place where you’re desperation for ‘value for money’ has clouded you’re judgement to such an extent that you’ve lost all perspective. The fact is that the Lidl’s experience is no match for any real supermarket…in reality the yoghurts DON’T taste the same, the bacon ISN’T better quality and queing for an hour to pay IS just like queing to slop out at the Scrubs.

The truth is the that you are choosing from two different products and you need to decide which you want to indulge in. With Massage you generally don’t know who you’re getting until you get there..you can’t make an informed decision. They generally havn’t gone through an interview process to maintain a standard and quite often it’s where you’ll find the girls who didn’t quite make it in the Escorting business.

Do yourself a huge favour and make you’re savings elsewhere….don’t end up in Lidl’s or a dodgy massage parlour…some things aren’t worth compromising on.

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