Although the smoking ban is only 4 or 5 years old it does seem as though things have been this way for quite some time, if ever I see someone having a cheeky smoke in a club or bar I see it almost as though it is a major sin when I myself used to indulge in a bit of indoor smoking too, just ask some of the escorts London has to offer. Even when I see smoking inside on TV or in films I notice and thing how bad it is, it is quit strange how this has all changed in such a short space of time. I remember going out with some of the London escort girls on the last night that people were allowed to smoke inside and a lot of people were acting as though the world was coming to an end, a few years later and it seems as though it is the most normal thing in the world  but is it really fair?

Last year I went on a little trip around Asia and of course over there they do not have the same rules that we do here and this meant that myself and the escort girls from London were able to smoke in any bar, restaurant or club of our choosing and I must admit that even though none of us are major smokers it was still almost like a treat to be able smoke so freely. Whilst getting a full service massage last week I got talking to the masseuse about just how fair it was that they have stopped people from smoking inside. I can understand restaurants because you do not want to be eating surrounded by a cloud of smoke, and it is not the nicest smell in the world (unless you are a serious smoker) so walking into a restaurant and smelling cigarettes is not the nicest experience, even if you can sit in the ‘non smoking’ area.

The girl that was providing me with the full body massage services agreed that we should at least still be able to smoke in bars and clubs, people have been used to it for such a long time and it is a known fact that people like a little smoke when they drink. There are 2 sides to the argument however, pointed out to me by a London escort, that the fact that they make people have to go outside to smoke probably stops a lot of people from actually becoming smokers which of course is a good thing. In the middle of winter it is not the most appealing thing in the world to have to go outside just to smoke, so for that reason I suppose it is a good idea, looks like we will all just have to smoke in the toilets when we go to clubs and bars…. nice! Just don’t expect the escorts in London to come with you.

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