When I was a young boy growing up I had a fascination with flash looking sports cars, I could point them out in seconds, I knew my Ferrari’s from my Jaguars, my Lamborghini’s from my Aston Martins and my Porsches from my TVR’s. I could even have been described as a bit of an aficionado when it came to sports cars, even at the tender age of 10 years old. I still have a strong liking for these cars, as the London escorts would testify. I still get excited when I see a certain kind of car go past me and I often talk about them whilst at work at the London escort HQ. But whilst I do still have a passion for these cars I do not feel as though I would like to own one quite as much, unless of course I became a multi millionaire or one was bought for me, the likelihood of both of which is quite low, or basically impossible.

Living in London and travelling to and from the London escort HQ each day just does not seem as though it would really suit having a sports car. Most of the time when driving in London you will find yourself sitting in hoards of traffic whilst you crawl to your destination, having a car with a huge engine that can hit tip speeds of more than 180 miles per hour is pretty pointless when you are sitting in traffic all day.

Even if it makes you feel good when you pick up a hot female like a London escort in a Ferrari it won’t feel that great when you can’t show off exactly what the car is capable of doing, plus you will probably be stopping for petrol every hour or so as those kinds of cars are known for guzzling petrol like a hungry fat person eating cakes in a bakery, with the price of petrol at the moment you would probably end up spending as much as you spent on the car on petrol within 6 months or so.

Let us not mention how much it would cost to insure, repair, tax and MOT, all for the sake of driving around as slowly as everybody else whilst sitting in traffic. The car may look good from the outside, but you are likely to spend most of your time on the inside, all of this makes it not really worthwhile.

Plus the fact that not all girls are even that bothered about what car you own, the busty escorts in London have been in all manner of flash cars and they are often not fazed by them and do not think better of anyone that has one, so all in all it seems pretty pointless.

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