We maintain that we can get one of our London escort girls to you within 45 minutes within the M25. Now I have to clarify that…if Auri is on a date in Croydon and you are in Hertfordshire she’s going to struggle isn’t she. If time is the most important thing to you then realistically speaking you are going to have to be flexible on who you are prepared to see..that’s where you need to talk to our reception girls and find out whose where and let them help you to choose someone. All our female London Escorts are hand picked so you are not going to get one that doesn’t perform, but of course we understand you all have differing taste’s.

So now we’ve set out the 45 minute target I’m asking you what you do while you’re waiting for your Escort Girls to arrive. If you’re anything like me, you’re a little nervous and very excited. First thing to think of is to freshen up. If you’ve been drinking and or smoking please brush those teeth and use a mouthwash. Have a shower if you can and maybe leave a towel out so your date can freshen up if necessary. I’m guessing if you havn’t had a drink yet, you’re going to be wanting one to steady the nerves. Have a Vodka and that way your Dinner Date Companion is not going to smell the alchohol and you stand a better chance of a nice french kiss otherwise save the mouthwash until she arrives. Try to choose some suitable music to put on. If the girl is a latina some salsa music or Samba music would make her feel at home. If she’s Russian you have to search for that Boney M’s Greatest Hits you got in the boot sale (joke). My advice just low key romantic background music.

Next thing is get the lighting right. Not too bright so it’s like Guantanamo Bay during an interrogation but equally not so low that she trips over the cat and headbuts the TV. The main thing is don’t panic and don’t let yourself get to excited. Firstly its not good for you heart and secondly you want to do yourself justice in terms of staying power…if you filling a glass of wine for your Escort Companions Service and suddenly a IED goes off in your pants then thats no good to anyone…especially if you’re with Wana who can get quite miffed when a guy doesn’t finish the job properly.

Anyway how you spend the 45 minutes before your Expensive London Escort arrives is up to you and I’m not going to nag you anymore, just enjoy the experience and please give us the feedback we need to maintain and improve our Escort services.

Many thanks

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