West Kensington escorts, perhaps unfairly, have a lot to live up to in my mind. This is because the object of my first-ever major crush, Miss Rayner who taught the girls’ PE, lived in the area. Since those distant, hazy days, I’ve had many crushes, infatuations and love affairs but somehow the potency of the ‘Miss Rayner phase’ lives on in my veins and is forever tied to memories of the West Kensington area. She used to live near a sports centre, where she organised regular tournaments and events for both the boys and the girls at our school. Obviously, our participation meant spending quite a bit of time with Miss Rayner at the sports centre to practice our various sports (I did quite a few sports, all so I could see Miss Rayner as often as possible). After practice my friends and I would often wonder around the neighbourhood, perhaps buying an ice cream and sitting on some green to discuss our crush on Miss Rayner and other teenage preoccupations.


Well that was years ago now and I’m sure Miss Rayner has moved on and doesn’t look half as hot – but in my mind she is forever preserved! I always suspected, at the time, that maybe she moonlighted as a W14 escort – you can’t be that sexy and just be a school PE teacher, surely?! Anyway, since I began working for 24 Carat and meeting lots of West Kensington escorts I’ve realised that Miss Rayner’s legacy lives on in these beautiful girls! I find it strangely comforting that I’m still able, after all this time, to associate gorgeous, sexy women with this same area of London. Of course, apart from the star attraction of the escorts West Kensington has a lot else to recommend it. It’s a very pleasant neighbourhood and I always felt safe there as a kid – it was one of the few places my Mum would let me go by myself before I reached my teenage years. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a wealthy area – people pay a small fortune for properties here (quick fact – the band Queen once shared a flat in the area, which may have helped secure its desirability). Most visitors to this western edge of Central London are headed for the Olympia Exhibition Centre, which hosts all kinds of events, but there are also a good range of gastropubs, shops and other reputable places to eat, drink and be merry. The W14 escorts love to make the most of having all this on their doorstep, but if you just want to book a date with an incall escort West Kensington is one of the best places in London to do this. The area is primarily residential, with tidy rows of smart Victorian terraces, and people that live there tend to be very house proud.

So West Kensington escorts, as with other high-paying residents, like to live in very nice surroundings. Obviously this means that the properties are also very good places to hold a date with a W14 escort, although you may find that you never want to leave!


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