When I was younger I was under the impression that there was a simple rule when it came to food and it went like this: All nice food is bad for you and all horrible food is good for you. This is something that stayed with me for quite sometime, only recently have I started to feel as though those “good for you foods” are actually worth eating and you know eating well is not actually that bad! I have often been sitting at the London escort HQdoing some work over lunch time and seen the difference between my lunch and that of the escorts in London. Of course I am a guy so naturally I am more likely to eat more than they do but it is not so much the amount but more the content of what they eat compared to me. I often like to feel quite full after lunch as my meal needs to get me through to dinner, because of this I will tend to have an adequate meal such as a nice burger and chips from the local pub or perhaps some fish and chips.

I will often look over to see what the english escorts in London are eating (probably because I am still hungry and looking for leftovers) and I will be greeted by the sight of a rather bland looking salad and some fruit, perhaps a smoothie and some pasta but never anything to my taste. But it occurred to me that part of the reason that they look so good apart from the obvious genetic reasons is that they take care of their bodies not only by going to the gym and keeping fit but also by eating the right foods.I thought I would give it a try too so I asked a couple of the escorts in London for some advice on what to eat for breakfasts, lunch and dinner. The list of potential meals that I was given almost instantly put me off but I clicked the override button in my brain and forced myself to go through with it anyway.

So I started my experiment of eating porridge in the morning instead of bacon and eggs, having some tuna and pasta with some fruit for lunch instead of a burger and fries followed by some chocolate and dinner became some salmon and rice instead of a nice pizza or steak. At first I found it quite difficult but I was motivated each day by the London escorts as they kept a constant check on what I was eating, to my surprise after a few weeks I actually started to feel a lot healthier, my skin looked better and I just generally felt better all round. So it turned out eating healthy isn’t as bad as it seems, especially if it gets you looking as hot as a London escort. Give it a try and treat yourself by hiring a London escort instead of ordering that pizza.

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