I still haven’t decided my thoughts on ‘type’ as of yet, because the sexy escorts London has to offer are all completely different types, from blondes to brunettes, black girls to white girls, yet they are all gorgeous it is hard to believe that everyone has a type when you are surrounded by so many different kinds of females that all happen to be gorgeous. When I was younger I used to have a type, I always quite favoured blonde girls but this changed when I went out with a brunette, it changed again when I went out with a slim girl and again when I dated a curvier girl, I decided in the end that my type was simply gorgeous women and in all honesty that is the type of most guys I would imagine. If I was to put any of you guys in a room lined up the biggest variety of London escort girls that I could find I am pretty sure that you would not just lean to one certain type, there would be a good few that tickle your fancy, even if you do say that you usually lean more toward blondes or brunettes.

I am not saying types do not exist because in some ways they have to, if you are confronted by too much choice then you will usually revert to type, this can be quite helpful in situations where you are finding it difficult to make any decisions but this does not mean that you have to stick to this ‘type’, not by any stretch of the imagination. This is part of the beauty that is involved with hiring one of the model escorts in London, there are so many different types of girl that you are spoilt for choice and you can try each one out to see which one you really like after having been out on a night out or for a nice meal with them, not just after having looked at them on TV or in a magazine.

Type does not only refer to hair colour either, it refers to ethnicity, body shape, small breasts, big breasts, short, tall etc, there are many factors to consider so it is difficult to have one specific type because in all honesty you probably will not find that many girls that fit your exact type. The best thing to have is a selection and this is where the London escorts come in, if you feel like spending some time with a taller girl then we can provide one or if you want a ginger girl (yes some guys do like ginger girls) then we can provide that service too. This means that your taste in women will not be type casted, you will have a selection worth of a box of chocolates and we all know the variety is the spice of life not familiarity, so give one of the London escorts a call before you end up reverting to type.

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