Anal sex is a big taboo for a lot of straight guys…the very mention of the word conjures up vivid pictures of The Shawshank Redemption but let me just ask you a question, why do most gay guys walk around with a big smile on their face?

The fact is that I’m told a lot of London escorts are being asked by guys to include anal play in their repertoire. Why is this? Well lets think about this. Let me transport you back home to Sunday morning. You’ve maybe had a good Saturday night out, a few beers and a curry (not too hot) you’ve slept in now you’re up, you’ve had a coffee and got the Sunday papers…now it’s time for that great British tradition, the Sunday morning dump. What do you think it is about it that makes it such a pleasurable experience? Is it the News of The World scandal…is it the fact that it’s a Sunday and you don’t have to rush? Well you probably think it is but in reality it;’s your prostate being stimulated.

Most Escorts London now are practiced in the art of anal play. It doesn’t mean that at the vital moment your London Escorts friend Julian is going to appear out of the closet and jump on you. Most Escorts carry or can lay there hands on a strap on for the more season campaigners among st you but for the guys I’m talking to who are a little new to this idea just a condom and a couple of well lubed fingers is enough to reach your prostate and give you a unique orgasm that you won’t have experienced before.

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