Why is it that anal sex has become so acceptable these days. It was always a taboo subject before..maybe because of the slight homosexual connection or maybe because the word ‘sodomy’ is so ugly a word with its biblical overtones of sin and undertones of violence. Now  everyone’s talking about it.. Maybe its since being gay became so fashionable…at least being gay seems to be the quickest route to you’re own chat show on the TV anyway.

Then there’s internet porn…and all the kids watching it..our childrens innocence has gone and it seems that everyone seems to think that a women being fucked up the ass by a black guy whilst blow jobing another, with a mountain goat standing on the top of the sofa waiting for his turn, is how a loving, meaningful relationship should be conducted. The kids are growing up with a very warped attitude to sex and it makes me worried for the future of women in our society.

I really think the first thing to be done is for parents to take more responsibility for what their kids are doing on the computer. Don’t just buy them a laptop and let let them lock themselves in their bedroom with it. Work out how to protect them, make them use their pc in the living room, then keep your eye on them and make sure you are the admin for the internet in the house and you censor what they can access.

It’s no good you taking the easy route and asking them to set the whole thing up for you..unless you make sure you change your password (and erhh don’t then write it down on the mousemat..doh.)

Follow these rules and a least you won’t be buggered by your own kids.

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