With everything in London seemingly costing more than it ever has in history, from petrol to chocolate, milk to buses, everything seems to be costing way more than it used to and way more than it should apart from hiring one of the escorts London has to offer. With this in mind it is a great thing that there are so many websites that provide links and vouchers to discounts on restaurants. Just because everything costs so much nowadays it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to treat ourselves to a nice meal every once in a while and these websites help a lot of people to afford a nice meal in a top restaurant without having to pay the full price. I know there will be some of you that are thinking you couldn’t possibly take a London escort somewhere that you are using a discount for as it might be a little bit embarrassing but trust me none of the escorts London has floating around will frown upon someone trying to save a bit of money, it just means that you will have more to hire them for longer, which I can already tell you is something that you will definitely want to consider.

I used one of the deals the other day to go to a new restaurant that has opened in Notting Hill, a great area to take the London escorts if you live nearby. The restaurant is called Seventeen, I think because it is number 17 on the road, something I didn’t actually work out for quite sometime, but that’s another story. It is a new Chinese restaurant located right near the well known Notting Hill Arts Club where you may find some of the escorts in London on a night out from time to time. When I say Chinese, I mean real Chinese, not the stuff that you get from a takeaway that is covered in weird orange goo, this is really good stuff in a very, very cool restaurant, the staff are all really attentive and the setting is nice and chilled out, quite romantic actually, a good place to take a female friend for a nice evening.

The deal from Top Table is a straight 50% off your entire bill, it only includes food and not alcohol so don’t be fooled but 50% off food that is so tasty is an absolute bargain and any fan of good Chinese food will enjoy themselves here. So if you are at all stuck for ideas of where to take one of the escorts London has waiting for you then try this place, you’ll both love it. And do not think that the 50% off deal is embarrassing, it just means you can eat and drink more.

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