Tips for Impressing Your Escort Date

So you’ve been on the site, and found that beautiful Ebony Escort that sets your heart racing and your hands itching to caress those milky chocolate curves. You’ve called our receptionists, and confirmed the time and place for a rendez vous with this gorgeous woman. You end the call, and are feeling very smug having secured what promises to be a super evening. And then the nerves kick in.

I mean, she is stunning. And you, well, you’re an ordinary Joe. You like a pint or two with your mates every now and then, and it shows. You’ve got a bald spot that increases by a millimetre every month, and your home is definitely not going to be featured on MTV’s Cribs any time soon. Before you know it, you’re feeling a bit underwhelmed by yourself, wishing you hadn’t given up going to the gym and had bought that swanky apartment when you could have gotten a mortgage in the early noughties.

Set your anxiety aside my friend. There is absolutely no reason to do anything but positively anticipate a great date with a great London Escort. One of the reasons we keep of rates low here at 24carat Escorts is to make the pleasure of spending time with a beautiful woman available to men like you, irrespective of how you look, where you live or what you do for a living. In addition to being beautiful, our Escort Girls are also very sweet – they enjoy meeting all different types and know how important it is to appreciate someone for who they are. And they expect the same courtesy to be extended towards them when they meet a date for the first time.

So quit worrying about that you cannot change, accept that you are about to have an amazing date with your dream escort, and plan accordingly! Its always best to freshen up before a date, so have yourself a shower, and sparingly slap on some decent aftershave. If you’re meeting your London Escort, respect her time (and yours), and be there at the agreed time. If she’s coming by yours, feel free to clear up the empty pizza boxes and beer cans before she arrives, perhaps getting out a bottle of wine and glasses for two. Your date will try her best to put you at ease, but it helps when you’re prepared to be relaxed and enjoy the evening. We guarantee she’ll be pleased with the effort you’ve made and things might progress very nicely indeed.


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