For quite some time now I have been hearing the phrase ‘Thursday is the new Friday’, in an effort to try and make our weeks feel a little bit shorter people have started to go on nights out or go for drinks and a meal on Thursday nights instead of just waiting for Friday as was always the custom. This new outlook on the week seems to have been quite successful as a whole host of good nights on a Thursday have started to pop up all over London as well as some good deals for meals and drinks in restaurants and bars on Thursday nights. I was sitting in the London escort HQ last night and asking the girls what they were up to that evening expecting to hear the obligatory weekday night response of “going home/early night/watching TV” etc but a good few of the girls were going on nights out, there was a distinct Friday feeling going around the London escort HQ and it was quite refreshing I must say.

We all get into the routine of have the same old working week all the time, we tell ourselves that we cannot possibly go out on a week night with work in the morning but if you ever are to go out on a ‘school night’ then Thursday is definitely the best day to do it. Whist you may indeed have work on a Friday (providing you do not call in sick) it still isn’t so bad having to go in with little sleep or a bit of a hangover as its Friday, everyone’s favourite day, so it is quite easy to get through it knowing that you still have the weekend ahead of you.

A lot of the escorts in London that I spoke to said that they often go out on a Thursday night because it is cheaper than going out in London on the weekend and the nights are often just as good and just as busy. It is definitely a good way to liven your week up a bit and make it seem that little bit shorter. If you want to join some of our busty escorts in London on a night out on a Thursday then make sure you give them a call. The girls are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so if you want to head out for a night on the town with them then that is fine or if you’d rather spend your Thursday at a bar or restaurant then they’d be up for that too, it’s official Thursday is the new Friday, not let’s try to make Wednesday the new Thursday!

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