That is a difficult question because you guys just see your relationship with one of our London Escorts from your own perspective. You don’t want to think about the other clients do you? You want to believe that you are special to this girl. Well London Escort Girls are only human and as such they have different moods, different emotions and different feelings. Seeing a lot of guys undoubtedly desentitizes a girl to the emotional side of things. Basically any of the Escorts London has to offer will suffer a little ‘client fatigue’ at some stage but at other times they will feel relaxed and rested and respond naturally to your affection.

What you have to understand is that our London escorts generally have responsibilities. They tend not to be working as Escort Girls just for the fun of it, it’s generally to support families somewhere. (at some other Escort Agencies it may be to support a habit, but not at 24 Carat). So there Agenda is different to yours. Having said that, a lot of these girls are party animals and know how to let their hair down and enjoy themselves and if you catch them in a happy mood then WOW you will have a fantastic experience.

Don’t get me wrong, we have certain standards of behaviour that we expect of our Escorts in London. If they don’t give you a great time, if they don’t appear happy and attentive, then we won’t work with them and willl ask them to find another Agency but we all know is what any client is striving for is a genuine response from a girl and I know myself when you get that from a London escort, it can mean a very special experience indeed.

I’m afraid we can’t promise that…it’s a natural reaction that depends on so many factors, but we know all our Escort Girls and we interview each one so they know what we expect of them so in that respect I think at 24 Carat Escorts you have the best chance of a genuine experience with a special Escort.

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