After imposing a smoking ban similar to the one that we now have here (no smoking in any public places) the state of New York has taken it one step further by introducing a smoking ban on all 1700 of their public parks and any stretch of beach (yes they do have beaches but they are kind of like our ones, pretty rubbish.) Don’t get me wrong I do support the smoking ban for bars and restaurants and night clubs because it eliminates all of the second hand smoke that you could potentially be inhaling and also takes away the constant horrible smell of cigarette smoke that tends to linger on your clothes and hair after you have just been in a bar or club for a few hours. Speaking to the London escorts, they tend to agree with this as they don’t like stinking of cigarettes even if they haven’t smoked. I do, however, think that banning it in all parks and beaches is going a tad far, yes it will mean that there will be less litter of cigarette butts around but I think it is kind of taking away peoples freedom a little bit and of course the likelihood is that it will be enforced over here sooner or later as we all know that when America sneezes we tend to catch a cold.

Imagine it, it is a warm summer’s day and you hire an escort in London to go for a little picnic in the park, if you are a smoker and you are just relaxing in a wide open space on a nice day then it is highly likely that you would want to have a little smoke right? So you pull out your packet of cigarettes, go to light one and then receive a fine for smoking whilst sitting in the middle of a wide open space in the park. It just doesn’t seem right, it has caused a lot of fuss at the London escort HQ as a lot of the girls think that it is kind of discriminating against smokers, sooner or later they are going to be pushed into a corner and the only place that they will be allowed to smoke is in their own homes.

It could be seen as a good thing if they are trying to push people into quitting smoking, if there is no where to smoke then people may have no choice but to quit. For now it is safe here though, you will still be able to go for a stroll in the park with a London escort and have a smoke……for now.

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