Life is full of shit isn’t it. God if I here one more news item about fucking cuts and how were all going to be suffering for the next 10 years at least. Riots in France and Greece, collapse of the Spanish economy. It’s happening everywhere and it looks like things are going to get worse before they get better.

Well 24 Carat to the rescue with their vast selection of London Escorts . Yes the secret to these situations I find is to live for the moment a little. Don’t be rattled into thinking the answer is the batten down the hatches, stay at home and do nothing. Life is for living and the expression ‘you’re a long time dead’ couldn’t be more apt in this present economic climate. Obviously you need to look at your finances and maybe there are things you can cut back on… have survived for months on just water…heating…a couple of extra layers and get the kids to do chores around the house to keep them warm…set up a fake newspaper headline on photoshop saying that Christmas has been cancelled and send it to the kids.

These simple economies will mean that you can still afford to visit a 24 Carat London Escort and for your own sanity I think you need a little indulgence here and there, otherwise what’s the point really you might as well just shoot yourself.

On that happy and optimistic note I’ll leave you to your Gas bill…but at £110 per hour with say, a girl like Vanesa, are you really going to stop seeing our Escorts in London .

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