Any football fans out there will agree that this has been an incredibly strange season in the Premier League thus far. Whilst in a normal season there is often a very clear and concise formula as to how the season is going to pan out by now. You will normally be able to choose one or two teams that are likely to win the league and 3 or 4 that are likely to go down, but not this season. This year we have been served a curve ball as 10 team are fighting for their lives in a relegation battle whilst 4 or 5 are in with a shout to win the league, it is quite astonishing and very, very exciting. The only answer that I can seem to muster as to why it has panned out this was is simply that there is absolutely no consistency in any of the teams in the league which points to the fact that really, they are all doing quite poorly this season. So if your team has you jumping for joy one minute and cursing their name the next like the vast majority of loyal fans this season, then give one of our London escorts  call and they will surely take your mind off of football (for as long as they can).

As guys I know a lot of you would be completely and utterly against the idea of watching football with a female, we all know that they then to ask far too many questions and they just can’t seem to concentrate on the game for longer than 5 minutes, but that is somewhat of a generalisation as some girls are quite passionate about the sport including some of our busty escorts in London . So if you feel like having a sexy female on hand to take your mind off of things if your team isn’t doing so well this weekend then give a few of our escorts in London a call and see whether or not they are into a spot of football (watching not playing) and you never know you might actually enjoy it.

Failing that (as I know a lot of you probably think I have lost my marbles by even making such a suggestion, then why not have one of our London escorts on hand for after the game, it can easily be arranged for you to go and see her or she can come and see you for the exact same price. Either way it is a bonus, if your team wins you can celebrate with her and if they lose then she will undoubtedly cheer you up. Doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now does it? See, woman and football can mix, just not all the time, and in small doses of course.

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