The Magic of Massage

We’ve all heard of the value of a good massage. There is something very decadent about being rubbed and kneaded, feeling tension evaporate and your body slowly relaxing muscles you never knew were tense. Daily life is full of stress – trains that get cancelled suddenly, the boiler deciding to malfunction on the coldest day of the year, your mother turning her five day visit into a five month sojourn in your home. These are just a few of the things that may have you wound up and liable to snap at the slightest provocation. In this case, a massage is probably more of a necessity than a luxury.

Massages stimulate blood flow throughout the body. They encourage tightly wound sinews to relax, allowing for more oxygenated blood to reach muscle tissue. The relaxing effect of a massage can result in a lowering of your blood pressure and a decrease in your heart rate. The touch of the masseuse is also quite therapeutic – having someone else’s hands on you reinforces a sense of connection to others, and can be very reassuring. There are many massage parlours operating throughout London, with capable but clinical therapists who sometimes handle your body so aggressively it feels as if you’re being pounded like a slab of meat. It would be so much better if you were able to get the health benefits administered by a beautiful woman.

Now imagine gaining all the benefits of massage, and the company of a gorgeous woman, all for £110 an hour! Many of our London Escorts are trained in the art of delivering a soothing, full body massage that will leave you pleasantly at ease. Feel free to share with her the stresses of your day as she strokes the tension from your body. Our Escort Girls are excellent listeners, committed to your complete enjoyment for the duration of your date. You could have your pick of a beautiful Brunette Escort or indulge in the sensation of four hands stroking away your tension with our fantastic duo escorts. Whatever your choice, you will emerge feeling more relaxed and alive that you have in a very long time. Your Escort Girl would no doubt have enjoyed soothing away your tension with her capable hands, and you’re now both ready to indulge in conversation and explore whatever pleasures the evening has to offer. Restore your equilibrium with a sensual massage from one of our beautiful London Escorts.


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