The British weather is fickle but, talk to anyone from a hot country and they generally love it. We have a lot of girls fromSouth America and they tell me that they love our climate. They love its unpredictability, apparently waking up to the sun shining every day, without fail, is boring. I must admit the rain can be be beautiful sometimes.and is there anything nicer than snuggling under the duvet (preferably of course with a London Escort of 24carat Escorts Agencyl) when there’s a thick layer of snow outside and you’ve just explained to the boss that you’re snowed in and will have to ‘work from home’ What a result!!.

Don’t worry we’ll give you a discount if it goes over 3 days.

No on balance I think I’d rather have our weather, OK, you can’t plan a barbeque but when its hot and sticky and then suddenly the skies darken and the thunderstorm comes leaving everything fresh and clean…I think that’s just great.

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