The Germans are Here

The battle between England and Germany go way back before our humiliating defeat to them at this year’s World Cup. For centuries, we’ve taken pot shots and each other, and throwing in a crazy dictator and a series of wars, its gotten downright nasty at times. However, we’ve got to give the Germans their due. They produce some of the most amazing cars in the world; the ones that make you feel that sex could be a bit overrated when you’re behind the steering wheel purring along the motorway. They make great beers, and their high economic productivity has us bowing our heads in shame as they continue to recover faster than we have from this recession. And, yes, their football team is decent as well. But one thing Germany has never been famous for is attractive women. Smart, yes. Capable, definitely. But the jury’s still out on attractive. Heidi Klum aside, can you name any German woman who you couldn’t keep your eyes off? No? Neither could we, until a brunette sophisticate named Ammy turned up for an interview.

Sometimes, you really hit the jackpot when searching for the best London Escorts. This girl has got creamy skin, and a nice, lithe physique that lets you know this is a lady who takes good care of herself. Every part of her is in perfect proportion. That famous German precision engineering in the flesh I’m guessing.  She’s got a quietly confident air about her that makes it just as easy to book her as a date wining and dining that top client, as it is to invite her to yours for some fine brandy and TLC. Ammy will certainly have you warming to her before the night is over – there’s quite a sharp mind behind the pretty face as well, but don’t forget to enjoy having that lovely body next to you! Her photos definitely do not do this London Escort justice – she is worth experiencing in every sense of the word.
So go ahead and plan an unforgettable night with this gorgeous, leggy German. Get lost in her hazel eyes, do whatever it takes to earn those sweet smiles, and prepare for a date to remember. It will be well worth it.


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