Freedom is something that’s very important to me. I’m sure that’s not an original view point but I do seem to be more of a freedom junkie than many people I know. Maybe it’s because I was brought up to be an idealist, which makes me constantly dissatisfied with the boring reality and confines of everyday life. I’ve noticed that whenever options are available, I will select the one that puts me closest to freedom. For example, when working in a supermarket as a teenager, I chose to work in the fruit department rather than the bakery, purely because the former was close to the front door of the shop, where I could see the world outside. Even now I find there are a lot of jobs I can’t tolerate because they are very restrictive in some way. I need flexible hours, a range of tasks and the chance to be creative (which is why I work in the London escort agency offices).

At weekends I like to do things that give me a felling of freedom such as going for a long drive or a hike, or else splashing out on some kind of treat that makes me feel empowered and financially independent (for example booking a bar for a party).
People often say that ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’, but I think the freedom it buys hugely increase your chances of being happy. Therefore I’m more than willing to repeatedly risk winning the lottery by purchasing a ticket every week!
For some people, just getting out of a bad relationship can provide a great feeling of freedom. A friend of mine recently split up with his girlfriend of four years, and wishes he hadn’t stayed with her the last two years. The relationship was one soiled by mistrust, jealousy and restrictions – usually for no good reason. My friend realises how miserable he was, and is now enjoying his ‘freedom’ as a single man. He’s had a great time just chatting to a range of women, without the worry that his girlfriend will accuse him of cheating and cause a big row. On top of this, he’s had a couple of dates with busty escorts in London, just to remind himself how much fun it can be to spend time with a beautiful woman that doesn’t hate him! He mentioned that there was nothing more empowering and freeing than selecting the girl of his dreams to keep him company for a couple of hours – a feeling he’s become addicted to now the baggage is gone. Blonde escorts in London are the perfect antidotes to a bad relationship, something my friend realises every Friday night…
Freedom is a valuable commodity in this high-pressured modern world of ours, and can be found driving on country roads, swimming in the sea, or even dating a gorgeous London escort.
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