Things just seem to be getting worse and worse on the planet earth at the moment don’t they? From protests and uprisings in the Middle East to economic suicide in the UK and America, our friends in the Far East and Australia and New Zealand are now being hit by the full force of mother nature. Unless you have been hiding in a darkened room or under a rock over the past few days I am sure you will have heard about the horrible situation over in Japan. I had no idea how bad it really was until one of the  turned on the news in the morning. I had read on a couple of news websites that there had been an earthquake but I had no idea that a Tsunami was going to follow up the earthquake and cause as much damage and destruction as it has already. The images and videos on the news are truly unbelievable, sometimes I honestly look at it and believe that they are images from a film like 2012, this morning I actually saw an image of a big ferry sitting on the roof of a house, yes that’s right a ferry on

The roof of a house, I couldn’t believe it either and the face of the London escorts when I showed them completely summed up how crazy it all seems.

There are many different theories being banded about as to the cause of all this destruction in the world. Those that are very religious are claiming that it is an angry and vengeful god that is punishing the human race (why he keeps punishing those in the East I do not know but fair enough. Others claim that it is because we have spent so long neglecting the planet without listening to all the warnings that we have had about global warming, I must admit that for a long time I took the whole idea of global warming quite lightly and thought that it may be some sort of government conspiracy to eventually raise taxes (not that they need an excuse) but perhaps they were right and we are now seeing the damage we have caused.

Some of the London escorts believe the age old theory of Nostradamus who claimed that 2012 would be the end of days, just like the recent Hollywood blockbuster film portrayed, an unprecedented amount of natural disasters could bring the entire planet to its knees.

These are scary times and if this is to be our last period on earth then perhaps we should be spending the time enjoying ourselves more rather than worrying about things all the time. If you are a worrier then perhaps spend some time with a busty escort in London, after all, what better way is there to forget your troubles then spending time with a gorgeous escort in London.

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