I went to see the new Transformers movie over the weekend, against the warning of the escorts in London who predicted that it would be awful and this was an understatement, it was pretty terrible I must say but I thought that I would give it a try due to the 3D aspect of it all and this, if anything, made the whole thing worse.Take a look at any cinema listings these days and half of the films are advertised as being in 3D. When Avatar came out most people thought that it was just a little fad, they had made a few 3D films up until that point and they had all been pretty rubbish, you would have to sit there with these annoying glasses on just for the sake of seeing a couple of scenes in 3D, scenes that were not even that good. Then Avatar came along and made 3D semi-cool, it was the first half decent film that had been made in 3D and it was the first time that a movie had actually made more than just a few scenes in 3D.

This has sparked a bit of a craze with 3D, you can now watch it from the comfort of your own home if you invest in a 3D TV and some cool glasses. But whilst Avatar was indeed a very good film, everything else has been quite disappointing, especially the idea of watching 3D stuff at home. Picture the scene, you invite a sexy London escort over to yours and you sit down to watch a film together and you both have to sit there wearing some pretty unattractive 3D glasses, nice!

Some of the escorts in London have actually complained that wearing the 3D glasses has made them feel a bit dizzy and nauseous, this has happened to me a couple of times too. When you first put the glasses on and you look at the 3D screen it can be kind of disorientating, I have even heard people complain of motion sickness from watching 3D screens. It does seem a bit weird that they have introduced it into people’s home’s, I just can’t really imagine walking into my front room and seeing people wearing 3D glasses staring at the TV, I don’t know how much it will actually catch on. Especially with females, the London escorts have often complained that the glasses are annoying because they smudge their make-up and mess up their hair. If you are planning on hiring one of the gorgeous escorts London has to offer to go to the cinema, my advice to you would be not to take her to see a 3D film, it’s a win-win situation really, you will not be getting any complaints from the escort in London and luckily non 3D films are cheaper, sounds good to me!

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