Cut’s, Cut’s, cut’s…it’s all that we seem to be hearing about at the moment and frankly it’s got me and our London Escorts a little worried. Obviously we have a lot more influence in the corridors of power than you might think. Have you looked at the motley crew of  inadequates that call themselves a coalition? Do you honestly think that most of them could pull a bird off there own back? No, here at 24 Carat we have our ear to the ground and through our regular politician clients, are heavily involved in the decisions about cuts.

Don’t get me wrong, I sympathise with these politicians, if I had Vanesa poised over me, bra clasp in hand telling me that if I removed child benefit she was going to keep the bra and pants on, I’d agree to anything. Equally when one of our Latina London Escorts leans over, nibbles your ear and asks you not to reduce funding for third world aid, who in their right mind is going to say no. You see nothing changes, guys have always been suckers for a pretty face and lets face it, as Escorts in London go, they don’t get much prettier than the collection of girls we are representing at the moment.

Politicians are only human, only flesh and blood and it can get lonely in there second homes that we as taxpayers have paid for with the wife and kids 300 miles away in Buckinghamshire.  So at the moment the 24 Carat management are drawing up there own list of where the cuts are to be made…this list will then be passed onto our girls who will then deliver our recommendations to the powers that be in there own irresistably persuasive way. We favour removal of vat on see through underwear, lifting the restrictions on immigration to slim busty girls under 25 with loose morals and giving Escort Agencies charitable status. If there’s anything you want,  just let me know, and Vanesa or one of the other girls will pass the message on. Maybe London Escorts should have a seat on the cabinet as well as a welcome in the second home.

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