While it might not seem one of the most interesting or exciting parts of London, and certainly not an obvious location to go for a massage The City actually harbours within it a thriving community and a selection of very nice bars to entertain all those whiz kids at the end of their working day. The bars don’t generally offer massages – but some of 24-Carat’s EC1 massage escorts do! Luckily these girls have worked out where in London they’re most needed – and The City is on their hot list thanks to all those stressed out workers carrying the weight of the UK’s financial industry on their shoulders. Along with Canary Wharf, 4km to the east, The City is the work place of many of the country’s top financiers  – and I’d like to bet that many of them could never have got where they are without some much needed and regular down-time with the likes of 24-Carat’s most beautiful girls.

Although ‘only’ about 10000 people live in The City (it’s not even a mile square in size, so I guess they’re pretty well packed in!), the daytime population increases to about 333000 thanks to all those that work there – most often in one of the high-rise office blocks. All these people can make it a pretty interesting and busy place, and I’ve had some really good nights out in the bars and clubs around the area – I think there’s something edgy and risk-taking about a lot of these people, especially the testosterone fuelled guys, that tends to make for some raucous evenings in the pub! Due to severe bombing during the Second World War, the area has undergone a lot of redevelopment and allowed for the birth of skyscrapers – it’s long been the home of some of the tallest buildings in London, starting with the 42-storey Natwest Tower in the 1970s. I think there is something quite exciting and epic about all this, and perhaps this is one of the reasons that escorts like to work in The City. They love entertaining hotshot whiz kids, and when it comes to massage The City girls can’t get enough! They freely confess that giving a massage can sometimes be as rewarding as receiving one, and are happy to live somewhere there is so much demand for their services. If they were to build a massage parlour The City escorts would be inundated with stressed workers keen to have their aches and pains rubbed away by the silken caress of sexy young women that don’t always seem to know where the boundaries are!

I can imagine there would be a lot of lunchtime trade too. A lovely, relaxing lunch time massage EC1 escorts have been waiting all morning to get into….I’m thinking there would be some guys getting back to work very late from lunch. For anyone, not just City folk, needing a massage The City girls are the people to see – if they can get some of the country’s most important workers ship-shape in time for the next multi-million deal then, well, their talents are probably limitless.

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