The last time I went to the City I was almost crushed by a stampede of office boys leaving their high-rises at around 6pm – my bet is they were on their way to visit a City escort! I can’t think of anything more rewarding after a day of slogging it out in a stuffy office then flopping down on the luxuriously comfortable bed of an EC1 escort and being treated to some TLC until suitably revived. These girls know their stuff, all right – a high percentage of their clients are stressed-out, over-worked, tense financiers, lawyers and businessmen, who need the best of London’s high-class escorts to help them get back to ‘normal’.

I have to say, I know the feeling first hand. I’ve had many jobs in my time, from flipping burgers, to packing up DIY orders, fitting shoes on wriggling children and office admin jobs, and I would say the one that left me feeling the most tired and stressed out by the end of the day was a full-time, phone-based customer services role in an office. Although it was about the least physical of all the jobs I’ve had, somehow it also managed to be the most exhausting, and there were a few occasions when I had recourse to contact The City escort girls in order to help me revive my body and mind. It worked every time – whatever kind of a day I’d had, however knackered I’d been feeling all week – when I visited an incall escort The City and all it’s stresses vanished into total insignificance, and I felt restored enough to go back into work the next day and tackle it all over again.  Anyway, this time in my life was quite educational and I’ll always have an appreciation of how hard City folk work, and how tiring their jobs can be even if it looks physically like they don’t really do anything.

I guess, like these jobs, The City itself can be deceptive – while it’s only small, geographically speaking, and there doesn’t seem to be as much going on as in other parts of London, it has a working population of over 330000 (although the resident population is only 10000) .All these bodies are packed into a small collection of very tall buildings, conducting transactions and managing deals which serve to make The City the financial centre for the entire country and as productive as New York in terms of its trading activity. Who would’ve known, huh?!

With all this going on, The City escorts are as integral to the area as every brick in the high-rises, as far as I’m concerned. And when it comes to high-class escorts The City has a very decent share – City boys would expect nothing less, I suspect. Perhaps doing that kind of high-stress work is actually worth it, if it means you can build regular visits to EC1 escorts into your day….

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