Every year I seem to have the same dilemma, even though I have known my close friends for most of my life I have absolutely no idea what to get them for Christmas. I like to try and be creative as possible with my gifts, it gets boring giving the same old thing year after year: DVD’s, books, CD’s (or iTunes vouchers these days) etc. So whilst thinking of unique and fun gift ideas to give my mates this Christmas, it occurred to me how great a gift a busty escort in London would be.

Before anyone starts to question or frown upon this idea, I do not mean hiring a London escort and wrapping her in paper to put under the tree until Christmas day, my idea is a lot more creative than that. How about buying any old Christmas card and creating your own voucher to put inside the card, your mate would then open the card and out would fall a personalized homemade voucher stating that you owe him one (or two if you’re really generous) London escort.

Depending on how generous you are feeling or how good a mate they are you can then decide on how long you want to get them the escort for and they of course can choose when, where and most importantly which girl.

If you really want to treat the friend, and if you want to ensure that you get an amazing present the next year then take a look at our champagne escorts service. You can provide your mate with a link to the site where he can take his pick from a bunch of the most gorgeous London escorts available. If he has a preference for a Blonde escort in London or a Busty escort in London, or even a combination of the two like Vanessa, the choice would be his and after a day, night or weekend with the girl he chooses he will think you are the best mate in the world.

If you want to be even more daring then perhaps you could try to find out your mates schedule or organize a night out with him and then choose the right girl for him yourself. Imagine showing up at his house before your pre Christmas night out with a sexy London escort on your arm and announcing to him that she is there to keep him company all evening, it would certainly be a Christmas present and a night out that he would never forget, cementing your place in the ‘friend hall of fame’ forever, not to mention ensuring that you get a great present the next year.

We have girls to suit any budget too, whether you feel like splashing out or whether you want to get a London escort for your mate but not pay too much we can cater for you.

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