Being a London Escort can be a really exciting job. It sounds quite glamorous with lots of dates and dinners with clients and parties to go to. Sometimes it is full on like that and that’s when the real party animals amongst our girls come into their own and really shine. But not all our London Escorts are like that. They come from every social background and cover every personality trait, just like you lot do.

That’s where our reception girls can be very useful to get to know because they know the girls better than anyone and, if you’re looking for a particular kind of date, then you need to discuss it with them and ask their advice. They are only too happy to offer you some help. So don’t be shy to ask for what you want, we are all adults and we have heard just about every request possible in the last 5 years so nothing fazes us.

One thing that our London Escorts really do hate, so they tell us, is when they are not busy. I know that sounds pretty obvious but what really bugs them is hanging around waiting for the phone to ring. It means that they can’t just relax, they can’t book a night out or go to the cinema, so they have to just sit and wait. It’s hard to imagine but girls like Micaela or Julia have times like that when they are just laying on the bed or pacing the apartment just waiting for the phone to go. If only you could see that, I know you’d think well lets just make that call and sweep this babe up into our arms and make use of her time for more appropriate pastimes. Maybe we should set up live webcams so you can see that they’re free…I guess you’d be a little scared that we’d leave the camera running for your visit…what a great webcam site that would make!! (we wouldn’t do it I’m sure there’s at least a 100 laws against it)

So I guess the bottom line is that it is always worth giving us a ring and just asking which of our Escorts in London are available. You would be surprised that even our best girls have a lot of times when they are not busy and frankly they are really grateful if someone rings up and books them. I’ll let you into a little secret, the girls love the early bookings. Most start by at least 11.00am and so, as I said above, they have to be at home waiting for the phones to ring. You guys are fairly slow starters and take a while to start calling, they love it when they get a client at 11.00am and remember, they are refreshed and happy and really pleased to see you at that time so the happy consequence for you is you get Julia or Micaela or whoever it is at their very best. Enjoy yourself this weekend guys.

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