Despite all the moaning and whinging about how awful a month this January is going to be/has been there is a little bit of light shining through the endless grey cloud that seems to have been cast over London over the last few weeks, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. Much of the negative tittle tattle this month has been in regards to the recent rise in VAT coupled with the already crippling spending cuts that the government has imposed.

Now I am not one to have a go at the people having a moan, especially seen as I have probably been one of the chief culprits of this myself, but what I will say is that the best way to get over it and forget about it is to just try and do something you enjoy, stop reading the newspapers and watching the news networks as they all seem to be pushing people further into depression with talk of the horrible weather and the even more horrible government. One of the best ways to escape for a little while is by going to see a good film, and the one good thing about this month so far is that there has been an abundance of good films. So check your cinema listings, give a London escort a call and go and immerse yourself in movie land.

The most talked about film so far this month is probably Black Swan, this dark story of ballet mixed with female homosexuality and a lot of weird make up may on the surface seem to be a bit of a ‘chic flick’ but it is anything but as the storyline resembles that of a thriller more than your typical ‘girl film’,. Never the less it may be difficult to convince any of your guy mates to go and see a film called Black Swan with you, so a call to a busty escort in London may be exactly what you need.

It is highly likely that you will find a trip to the cinema with an escort in London to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, not just because going anywhere with a hot female is  always fun but also because our girls know how to conduct themselves in a cinema. There will be no throwing of popcorn or constant talking and asking questions from a London escort, these girls have been to all manor of different events, clubs and restaurants and believe me they know how to conduct themselves at all times.

Something else you may want to see is 127 hours, the true story of a guy that gets his armed trapped under a rock for 5 straight says and how he survives. There is a gruesome scene or 2 in this film though, so you may want to inform the London escort of this before you make her watch it.

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