Did you read about that guy in the newspaper last week that has some kind of really boring job by day (in a bank I think) but by night he transforms into his alter ego – a vigilante superhero! There were actually photos of him dressed up in a superhero costume although I’m not sure if he actually wears that when out patrolling the streets – it wouldn’t be very discreet. This guy has somehow managed to keep his crazy alias a secret from everyone he knows, for years, and has only just ‘come out’ so to speak. The London escorts were reading the story and one of them was saying she thought she’d seen him once, descending in his cloak to break up a street fight! The other escort girls laughed and said maybe she need to lay off the rose for a while!

It’s hard to believe the vigilante had for years escaped either discovery by people who know him (didn’t they get suspicious about him going out all the time, at strange hours?) or violence at the hands of his criminal arch enemies. Unfortunately I didn’t get quite far enough down the story to find out just how he goes about apprehending the crims and bringing them to justice. He didn’t seem a violent type and hadn’t appeared on the police radar himself, so I guess he just does a lot of sneaking around and making anonymous phone calls to the cops. I can’t imagine he’d have survived long if his ‘superhero’ work actually involved approaching the bad guys.

Anyway, I enjoyed this story because it reminded me of how much fun it can be to have an alter ego! When we’re kids we get to do it all the time, in make-believe play, and I actually went through quite a long phase where I insisted on being called ‘George’ like the character in Enid Blyton’s Famous Five.

These days I don’t get to indulge much in my alter ego, but can’t help admiring people who devote themselves to their ‘secret identities’ – even transvestites! I love the mystery of street artist Banksy, and always wonder if the people who know him are aware of his epic secret projects in the dead of night.

Escort girls often feel that when they’re working, they’re indulging a bit of an alter ego. Blonde escorts in London, and busty escorts in London, are so used to acting out the role of perfect fantasy woman for their clients that they almost develop a kind of stage character persona when on dates. This works really well as it allows them to adapt to the personality and desires of different clients, even engaging in role-play when requested. Of course, London escorts are just normal girls despite their stunning looks and stylish ways, and don’t spend all day swanning around in ball gowns. Thus the chance to become a sexy ‘movie star’ or other at night provides them (and the client) with a lot of fun!

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