Having lived in London all my life and worked with the escorts in London for so long at the London escort HQ it is safe to say that I am pretty used to being in London, I am used to the packed trains and the hordes of people, I am used to the endless traffic and the unfriendly demeanor of many Londoners, I am even used to the ridiculously high prices that we have to pay for pretty much everything but one thing that I am still not used to is how annoying all the tourists that flock to our capital each year are. Of course London is one of the most famous cities in the world and as a result it is no surprise that there are always so many tourists here year after year but I just can’t help but feel that they are incredibly annoying. They stand around looking lost all the time, getting in the way, taking up valuable room on the trains and buses and they make the city feel as though it is so much more congested than it actually needs to be, and don’t go thinking I am just being a moaner, theeescorts in London agree, which is no surprise seen as they are often in and around central London going to meet up with you guys!

I used to quite enjoy going to central London, there is nothing that you cannot get there, all the shops, restaurants, bars etc are there and there is so much choice, but I have to say that I can’t really stand going there much now, the whole place is chock full of tourists and it is impossible to get anywhere in central without being caught behind one or a group of them, it is highly frustrating and it has completely put me off having any desire what so ever to go to central London, the mere thought of it just makes me feel, agitated, hot and sweaty. I have heard a lot of the escorts London has to offer complaining about the same thing, they have to get around central London to meet up with the guys that hire them  and a lot of the time they get slowed down by groups of tourists standing around looking at all the pretty lights!

It is only going to get worse as well, with the Olympics coming up in London next year there are going to be a record number of tourists invading the capital and I for one don’t want to be in the middle of it all so I may try to go away, and I would not blame you if you guys did the same and I am sure the escorts in London would be glad to join you if you wished to take them, just try not to be


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