London is a great place to be in the summertime (if we actually get a summertime that is). People are happier, the London escorts are wearing less and there just seems like there is so much more to do. I know there are a lot of you that probably feel quite bored of London and feel as though you have seen and done pretty much all there is to do but trust me you haven’t. I often think the same thing until one of the escorts in London approaches me with something that she has just done with one of her clients and it opens my eyes to a whole new activity to indulge in whilst in London town. Yes it is really, stupidly, annoyingly expensive, and yes there are probably too many people and the traffic is ridiculous, the trains are always packed and late and there are far too many tourists in the centre but despite all this London still remains one of the best cities to find something fun to do as well as being the only place to hire our sexy London escorts to enjoy all that London ahs to offer with you.

This week one of the girls told me about the film screenings that are starting next month in Somerset House, they happen every year and despite living in the capital for so long I have never actually heard of the event. Basically they put up a huge cinema sized screen in Somerset House in the summer, as opposed to the obligatory ice rink in winter time. Each night during the 2 week period that the event is run for they broadcast one, two, sometimes even three films in a row, those that have tickets can just go with a blanket and some food and drink and relax and watch the film and hope that it doesn’t rain. It is quite a unique experience, especially somewhere in London  where doing anything outside is quite a rarity considering we do not get that much weather that that permits us to do so.

Either way it is the perfect excuse to hire one of the sexy London escort girls to relax with you on the blanket with a few alcoholic beverages and a bit to eat, so long as you are able to watch the film and do not solely have your eyes fixated on her, I am not saying this isn’t allowed you might just feel a bit annoyed that you spent your money on a film and ended up spending most of the time staring at her, plenty of time for that!

So book yourselves some tickets and make sure you book an extra one for one of the escorts in London, what better setting to enjoy the beauty of one of the hottest girls in the city.

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