Isn’t is supposed to be spring now? I am confused, it is a week or so away from day light savings time yet the weather still seems to be cold and wet, I know this is England and I should not have particularly high expectations but this is getting beyond a joke now, there definitely is no risk of any of us getting skin cancer because the sun just never seems to shine here.  Have we really been that bad that the weather gods favour us so little?

I woke up this morning in quite a good mood, I enjoy my job working with the London escort girls and I have booked myself in for a full service massage so I felt quite good until I opened the curtains and realised what a grim day it was, the lovely shade of grey that seems to be the signature colour of London was just hanging in the air as it always does. Yes we all moan about the rain way too much, the London escort girls have been moaning about it all day but it is just something I don’t think any of us will ever really get used to.

Do not be fooled into thinking that our girls will only bother with you if you are offering a good night out in London or a trip to a fancy restaurant, do not forget that our escorts in London are female and females tend to not like the rain as apparently it causes havoc with their hair, not to mention their shoes, so a night or two indoors away from the never ending showers would of course be highly appealing.

I don’t know what it is about rain in the UK but it seems so much more depressing when it comes down here. I have been in foreign countries many times when it has rained only for the sun to come out again straight after to brighten things up, that never seems to happen here, if you wake up to grey clouds and rain you can often be pretty certain that it will stay that way for the rest of the day.

But our London escorts are here to take away the glum feeling of constant rain, sometimes if you are indoors with someone who’s company you enjoy it can feel quite nice with the rain coming down providing quite relaxing background noise.

If I am honest I can’ think of many better ways to spend a rainy weekend indoors than with a London busty escort, so before you let the rain get you down, give one of our girls a call and they will do what they can to push those grey clouds away (not literally of course, they will be here a while I’m afraid.)

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