Of the many areas in London that are home to high-class escorts South Kensington tops the charts. This district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea covers some of the most exclusive real estate in the world, and is adjacent to the equally affluent areas of Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Kensington. South Kensington itself is generally defined as the commercial area around the tube station and the adjacent streets and gardens (such as Thurloe Square, opposite the Victoria and Albert museum.)

Since 24-Carat represents many high-class escorts South Kensington is an obvious choice of district for some of these stunning girls to live. It just wouldn’t look right, one of these well-to-do beauties emerging from a dingy flat in Brixton – and she certainly wouldn’t get as many clients wanting incall dates! For anyone keen to visit incall escorts South Kensington offers not only incredible girls, but also incredible apartments for the date to take place in. South Kensington escorts (also referred to as SW7 escorts or SW8 escorts since the area straddles both postcodes) live in such comfortable surroundings that they’re more than happy not to have to leave the comfort of their own homes for a date. That said, they’re also energetic young gals that like to get out and about, explore London and meet new people. Obviously this makes them great company on any kind of a date. A client recently took the beautiful Julietta (lithe, blonde, sexy as hell) to the opening of an art exhibition near Trafalgar Square, where they spent a happy hour enjoying the modern art, drinking wine and getting to know each other, before heading to a little bar in Charing Cross and finally, going home to Julietta’s place in the lap of luxury. As they relaxed together on the plush sofa, he commented ‘If I’d realised you lived here I’d never have bothered with all the other stuff!’ So the moral of the story is, it can be great to go out and about in London, sharing all it has to offer, but it can be equally as nice to just relax indoors and make your own entertainment.

It’s not just escorts South Kensington can proudly claim as residents – there have been a fair few famous folk over the years too, such as JM Barrie (who wrote Peter Pan), Beatrix Potter (who wrote, er, Beatrix Potter) and Virginia Woolf (I can’t remember what she wrote). Oh and Robbie Coltrane.

The point is, in an area this exclusive, not just anyone can set up house. South Kensington escorts work incredibly hard to earn their smart home and lifestyle, and are blessed with supermodel looks plus winning personalities that are rewarded by a great number of clients. And despite all this – you still don’t need to be rich to date a South Kensington escort.

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