Anyone that has flown on easy jet recently will know exactly why I have labelled it ‘sleazy jet’ because it is the exact feeling that you have when you step onto one of their aeroplanes. Yes they are often a fair bit cheaper than the other low cost airlines that fly to destinations around Europe, but at the same time you can really see exactly why it is so cheap. I took an easy jet flight to Amsterdam for the first time at the end of last year, although I was previously warned by some of the London escorts that it would not be pleasant I chose to ignore them as I assumed that they were just being picky as they often have such high standards when it comes to most things, plus the fact that it was quite cheap I thought I couldn’t really be going wrong, what I didn’t realise is that there are certain other charges involved after you have booked your actual ticket, and this is where the sleazy jet nightmare really began and the London escorts proved to be right.

Once you have actually chosen your flight you are of course given the price for your inward bound flight and your outward bound flight, this usually adds up to a decent enough sum as long as you are not flying on the weekend, but after this it starts becoming a little bit more expensive. You then have to pay for any baggage that you are checking in (which the escorts in London conveniently failed to mention) and you even have to pay extra if you are booking on a VISA debit card, or a credit card or a Mastercard, the only way that you can pay online an not incur an extra £10 fee is if you pay with a VISA Electron which I am sure that they are fully aware, no one even uses anymore!

Having been used to going on long haul flights I have become accustom to getting a drink and something to eat on the flight, as this flight was a short one I assumed that we would not get a big meal but perhaps a little sandwich and a coke, boy was I wrong. They did indeed have sandwiches and drinks on offer, but only for those that were willing to pay a ridiculous amount for them which I was not.

I have even heard that they will soon be charging people to use the toilets, can you believe that? The only way that I could ever see a flight on easy jet being enjoyable is if you have some good company, so I would advise anyone that is soon to board the lovely orange and white plane to take a busty escort in London along with you and bring your own food!

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