It has become more and more obvious to me over recent weeks and months that there is a lot of stalking going on in the world of Facebook,  the term “Facebook stalking”  as explained by one of the London escorts, for those that do not know represents the process of going onto ones Facebook account and stalking an ex girlfriend or boyfriend or even a friend or family member by looking through all of their pictures, looking at all of their conversations between other people, seeing what events they have and will be attending and generally showing a little bit too much interest in one particular person. It often results in fallings out, arguments, questioning and a whole lot of lying, which begs the question as to whether or not Facebook is more of a hindrance than a help.

I am not being self righteous, I myself have indulged in a little bit of Facebook stalking as I am sure many of you have. It is nigh on impossible to not want to look at an ex boyfriend or girlfriends account to see how they are doing, whether they still look attractive to you, what they have been up to and most importantly what their other half looks like. I have heard the London escorts talk about doing it, I have heard my friends and even some family members talk about doing it so I am fully aware that it goes on a hell of a lot.

Whilst some Facebook stalking can be excused and is often quite harmless a lot of the time it can cause problems that otherwise would not have happened. We have all heard of someone who has had an argument with their girlfriend over a picture or a comment that has been posted on Facebook, I think I have mentioned before that I know a friend that broke up with his girlfriend over a picture that she saw on Facebook of him and a London escort that was just on a night out with us, nothing was going on but she took offence to the picture and it caused so many arguments that they ended up breaking up, crazy!

It is as though people that choose to do a bit of Facebook stalking want to find something, you look in the hope that you will expose something or find something out that you were not supposed to know and when it does eventually happen it is not pleasant and probably was not what you thought it was. London escorts probably get quite a few guys into trouble with girlfriends I imagine, any girl that sees their boyfriend in a picture with a girl that gorgeous will probably get quite jealous, not a good idea if you have a Facebook account, now excuse me whist I go and delete mine.

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