Despite all the negative reports about the Commonwealth Games due to take place shortly in India, it is probably safe to assume that you will have very large contingents of fans going to from this side of the world.  There is a whole segment of the travel industry devoted to sporting events, involving families, friends and fans of the athletes from all competing nations. Its very convenient to book that holiday during an international event, particularly sports – gives you something to do and is almost guaranteed to be worth your while. Within the host country itself, a lot of activity takes place in the run up to the event, with suppliers of goods and services positioning themselves to meet the needs of the visitors and secure for themselves a tidy profit in the process.

So it should be no surprise then to hear that escort girls in India are readying themselves for the big event. Reports are that new escorts are being actively recruited to meet the expected demand, and ensure that clients have a wide range of choice when it comes to companionship services. Not to be outdone, international escorts are also looking to twin a holiday in this mythical country with the occasional meeting with select visitors to the game. The industry in India can be surprisingly progressive and tech savvy, with Facebook being employed as a key way of connecting escort agencies with visitors who may require their services. Many websites have sprung up, and organisers had to specially request that the Commonwealth Games mascot be removed from several adult services website, where it was being used in a marketing capacity. Talk about ingenious!
We in this side of the world will probably tune in to see our favourite events. Though not as high profile as the Olympics or the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games represents an opportunity to see some of Britain’s most promising athletes shine. Its a good developmental step for those seeking to improve the game, and the title is certainly not one to be scoffed at, particularly in disciplines such as athletics where Commonwealth countries are a dominant global force.
While you’re spending an evening watching the Games Highlights, why not give us a call and book an escort girl to keep you company? That way, you’ll get as close to an authentic Games experience as if you’d travelled to India yourself, minus the jetlag ofcourse.

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