Sunday is a strange day. Personally I’ve never liked it. Maybe I’m a ‘glass half empty’ type of guy, but it always seems to me that by the time Sunday comes, the weekend is almost over and school or work loomed large in my mind. It didn’t help that as a kid Sunday evening was when we all had to sit around the table and eat salad. I hate salad!! I wish then I’d had the opportunity to call London Escorts up and arrange a date, that would have brightened up the day I think.

I’d like to have seen my mums face when as a spotty 16 year old I introduced her to Sandra and told her that we were just going up to my room to play for an hour and that no Sandra wouldn’t be staying for tea. Sandra asLondon Escorts go is the stuff of dreams of course, whether you’re a spotty 16 year old or 60. I know from experience that what you guys love more than anything are huge tits combined with a slim body and a pretty face. Who will forget Adella our star performer from a few years ago who became a victim of her own success . As London Escorts go Adella was awesome to begin with but she became too greedy and complacent and started to give a bad service…to the point where we discovered that the clients were not actually allowed to touch her breasts. She had to go.

We’ve learnt our lesson from that episode…that Escorts in London can be too busy and we must limit the number of clients a Busty Escort sees so that she does not become jaded…Sandra will be handled better by you and us alike.

So don’t let the Sunday blues get to you. We have upwards of 40 Escorts in London for you to choose from including some beautiful girls who don’t even appear on the site. We are here to provide Escort Services in London second to none and to brighten up your Sunday so that come the dreaded Monday morning you feel revitalized and raring to go again.

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