Do you ask yourself, why do these multi million pound celeb’s have relationships with Escort Girls? Are they mad? They don’t need to pay for London Escort Girls to spend time with them, they can get girls for free. It doesn’t surprise, if you remember, many years ago, Hugh Grant was caught with a streetwalker in his car, a $50 a trick hooker giving him a blow job when he had Amazon woman Liz Hurley at home. The fact is that part of the reason is the thrill of possibly getting caught, it adds to the heightened sense of pleasure…just ask George Michael why he was skulking around in a public toilet in LA.

Maybe it’s also the idea of experiencing something real, something a normal man in the street would experience, an uncomplicated no strings attached honest encounter without the bullshit that probably follows them around where ever they go. It must be so hard to tell whether someone is genuinely impressed with you as a person or just has stars in their eyes. That’s the great thing about our London Escorts, there’s no hidden agenda, you know what you are getting and we pick our girls carefully so you get an honest genuine London Escort without the bullshit.

I always feel a little sorry for people like Prince Charles who must be surrounded by people fawning and bowing, telling him what they think he wants to hear, telling him how wonderful his is. No wonder he gets the idea that he’s important and that what he thinks about, say, architecture in London, is something we all want to hear…we don’t Charles…you are irrelevant…Christ you chose Camilla over Diana…you have NO taste. You talk to the love of your life about ‘lucky tampons’…even less taste. So this is a offer to all minor and major celeb’s out there, if you want a genuine, honest encounter with a girl who won’t give you the bullshit but will give you a great time, then call one of our London Escorts.

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