Come on guys, none of us are too embarrassed to admit the fact that we all dabble in a bit of pornography from time to time are we? Before high speed internet came along pornography was quite a taboo subject, guys were forced to go into adult video stores or through the ‘special’ curtain in a normal video store if they wanted to get hold of pornographic videos, this was of course quite an embarrassing thing to have to do and made the whole subject of watching a bit of porn quite a taboo subject. If it wasn’t the video store then those that wanted to spend a little less money and did not require moving images would have to consult the topshelf of their local cornershop where those dodgy old copies of porn magazines could always be found.

The fact that guys had to go through these ordeals just to get a little flash of a gorgeous female made the whole thing seem quite seedy but the arrival of the internet has made it a lot more open and most females that I speak to now, including the London escorts, really do not care if guys watch a bit of porn and they are fully aware that many of us do.

There is now so much porn available on the internet that there is something to suit absolutely every taste, of course most of us like to see sexy females like the London escorts but others like to see more obscure things, even some women like to watch a bit of porn from time to time, most of it is free and very easy to access so it’s not exactly difficult. And I know most of you are thinking it so I will answer your question for you: yes, the London escorts have watched a bit of porn and no they have no problem with it at all.

I don’t think that there is any guy out there who can honestly say that he has never indulged in a bit of pornography and if he does say that then he is lying, it is so easy to access and the fact that it is possible to find anything that you want means that there is something for everyone, so there is nothing stopping anyone from have a little watch.

Just make sure you do not get too addicted, there is so much of it out there that it is difficult to stay away from it, if you ever feel that it is getting a bit too much then give a London escort a call and witness a sexy female in the flesh rather than just on your computer screen, it might not be free but at least you don’t have to download anything or risk getting a virus!

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